Lumbini Research Center


Lumbini Buddhist University has established to operate high standard educational institutions on Buddhist Philosophy, Literature, Education, Culture and relevance other subjects to conduct study, teaching and research programs by promoting peace, fellowship (brotherhood), friendship or good well upon accepting the teaching of Lord Buddha as a guiding principles or World Peace. These elements have incorporated in the Preamble & Section 3 of LBU Act, 2063 (including amendment). Research and innovative initiatives are focused in accordance with the vision of World Buddhist Summit 1998. To achieve the research target Lumbini Research Centre has established in accordance with its Biniyamavali, 2076.


Establish as a center of excellence for research


Research for promoting Buddhist concept of peace, compassion and sustainable development


Research in Buddhist Philosophy, Literature, Education, Culture; development studies, applied sciences and current social issues 

Management Committee

According to the Lumbini Research Center Viniyamavali, 2076, Section 4

Prof. Dr. Triratna Manandhar- Chair person

Senior Academician

Prof. Dr. Bhojaraj KaderiyaMemeber

Senior Researcher

Prof. Dr. Subarnalal BajracharyaMember

Senior Researcher

Prof. Dr. Gitu GiriMember Secretary

Researcher Director

Mr. Ukesh Raj BhujuMember

Dean SoDS&AS

Dr. Manik Ratna ShakyaMember

Dean FoBS