International Collaboration

We are committed to developing worldwide collaborations that enhance our academic environment and offer our teachers and students priceless opportunities to travel. We are motivated by our productive partnerships with prestigious universities around the world.

Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) recognizes that in an increasingly interconnected world, the pursuit of wisdom and compassion transcends borders. Our commitment to fostering an environment of holistic education and spiritual growth extends to global collaborations that enrich the educational experience and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Areas of Collaboration

Academic Exchange Programs

Research Collaborations

Cultural Exchanges

Language Programs

Peace and Humanitarian Initiatives

LBU actively engages in academic exchange programs with universities and institutions worldwide. These programs facilitate the exchange of students, scholars, and faculty members, allowing them to explore different cultures, perspectives, and academic approaches. Such exchanges broaden horizons, enhance research opportunities, and nurture global citizens who appreciate the rich tapestry of human diversity.

Collaborative research initiatives form the backbone of our international partnerships. LBU collaborates with global research institutions, fostering joint projects that delve into critical areas such as Buddhist studies, sustainability, peace studies, and humanitarian efforts. These collaborations enable us to address complex global challenges through innovative solutions grounded in Buddhist wisdom.

Cultural exchanges are vital in promoting mutual understanding and appreciation of diverse traditions. LBU hosts and participates in cultural exchange programs that showcase the essence of Buddhism, Nepali culture, and the rich heritage of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. These exchanges facilitate intercultural dialogue, fostering connections and friendships that transcend geographical boundaries.

LBU offers language programs, including Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, and Chinese, essential for the study of Buddhist texts and traditions. Collaborations with language institutes and universities abroad help us provide a comprehensive language curriculum, enabling students to access primary Buddhist sources.

With a vision of promoting world peace and social harmony, LBU collaborates with international organizations and universities to develop and implement projects that address pressing humanitarian issues. These initiatives reflect the core values of Buddhism and empower students and faculty to contribute meaningfully to global peace and prosperity.

I envision LBU as a beacon of enlightenment that transcends borders. Our commitment to becoming an international university is driven by the profound teachings of Lord Buddha, which inspire us to embrace diversity, foster global collaboration, and make wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness accessible to all corners of the world. Together, let us illuminate the path to a more interconnected and harmonious global community.

Dr. Tilak Ram AcharyaRegistrar

LBU has came a Long Way

Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) has established collaborations with a diverse range of international organizations and universities. These partnerships span across countries such as China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and beyond, aiming to bridge ancient wisdom with contemporary challenges. Through these Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), LBU engages in academic exchanges, research collaborations, cultural interactions, and initiatives that promote global peace, sustainable development, and cross-cultural understanding. These collaborations reflect LBU’s commitment to fostering wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness on a global scale while addressing pressing global issues.

MOU between LBU & International Organizations / University

S.N. Date International Organizations/University E-mail
1. 8thNov,2010 Jinan University, China [email protected]
2. 27th Dec, 2023 Jinan University (Academic Cooperation)  
3. 14th June,2023 SOKA University, Japan [email protected]
4. 13thSept,2011 SOAI University, Japan [email protected]
5. 27thApr,2018 Buddhist and Pali University, Sri Lanka [email protected]
6. 14thNov,2018 Sam. Vivekanand Subharti University, India [email protected]
7. 2nd, Feb, 2019 Shuchiin University, Japan  
8. 28thNov,2019 Dongguk University, Korea [email protected]
9.   Vietnam Buddhist University, Vietnam [email protected]
10. 2078/8/6 South Korea, Saul National University  

Ras Bihari Bose Subharti University

(RBBSU), Dehradun,UK, India

[email protected]
12. 2078/9/23 Beijing Language and Culture University [email protected]
13. 18thMar,2022 Guizhou University, China [email protected]
14. 16thMay 2022 Kyunhla Buddhist University, Myanmar  
15. 24thJune,2022 Nalanda University [email protected]
16. 9th Nov, 2022 World Buddhist University  
17. 23rd Jan, 2023 Siddhartha University [email protected]
18. 22nd Apr,2023 Dhammakaya Open University, USA [email protected]
19. 10th May,2023 Yunnan University, China (MOU) [email protected]
20. 27th Oct, 2023 Yunnan University (Joint Training Project)  
21. 21st Nov,2023 Joong Ang Sangha University, Korea  
22. 2nd Jan,2024

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur

University, Gorakphur,UP, India

[email protected]



23. 9th Apr, 2024 O.P. Jindal Global University (MOA) [email protected]
24. 9th Apr, 2024 O. P. Jindal Global University ( Implementation plan for students exchange) [email protected]
25. 11th Apr, 2024

Mahayogi Gorakhnath University

Gorakhpur, India

[email protected]
26. 12th Apr, 2024 Banzarov Buryat State University [email protected]
27. 4th May, 2024 Acharya Nagarjuna University, India  
28. 7th Nov, 2019 SIBA (Sri Lanka Int. Buddhist Academy) [email protected]
29. 8th Nov, 2019 SIBA (Sri Lanka Int. Buddhist Academy)  
30. 5th Oct, 2023

Rajshree Group of Institutions,Bareilly,

UP, India

[email protected]
31.   China Language Resource Academy, China  
32. 25th Apr, 2024 International School for Jain Studies [email protected]
33. 30th Jan, 2011 Buddhist Wanshou Temple at Yangming Mt.  
34. 10thAug,2011 The Great Wall at Badaling, China  
35. 10thJune,2017 Lotus Association for World Enlightenment  
36. 11thFeb, 2019 SICO (Silk Road Int. Cooperation Org.) [email protected]
37. 21st Jan, 2021 Harbin Publication House, China  
38. 1st Mar, 2021 UNESCO [email protected]
39. 9th Apr, 2021 World Wildlife Fund, Inc. (WWF Nepal) [email protected]
40. 2078/7/25 Lumbini Garden Foundation, Spain  
41. 7th Dec, 2021 Korea Saemaul Undong Center [email protected]
42. 16thMay,2022 Indian Council for Cultural Relations, ICCR [email protected]
43. 12thJune,2022 UNDP  
44. 27thJuly, 2022 Bodhi Institute under CANADIAN Engaged  
45. 29th Oct, 2022 Int. Bodhisattva Sangha [email protected]
46. 6th Dec, 2022 UNDP- Green Entrepreneurship for  
47. 5th Feb, 2023 Nichiren  
48. 6th May, 2023 Shaanxi International Chinese Education Research Association, China  
49. 12th May, 2023 Hangzhou Mutong Travel Agency Co. Ltd  
50. 2079/10/25 Namo Buddha Buddhist Meditation…  
51. 31st Oct,2023 South to North Water diversion Metaverse Research Center, China  
52. 28th Feb, 2024 Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation  
53. 8thDec 2023 Chinese Testing Co. Ltd. and Lumbini Buddhist University and Henan Institute of Economic and Trade [email protected]
54. 25th Feb,2024 World Confucianism Federation  
55. 25th Apr, 2024 Lumbini Buddha Holy Land Charity Foundation (Hong Kong)  

30th Apr, 2024


Beijing Bap International Medical Research Institute (Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement)  

30th May, 2024


Xi’an Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce  

MOU between LBU & National Organizations / University



 National Organizations/ University




Mid-Western University, Surket

[email protected]



Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitawan.

[email protected]



Kathmandu University

[email protected]


7th Feb, 2019

Lumbini Research Cen. for Understanding…

[email protected]



Sulaksana Kirti Vihar, Ktm



1st Jan, 2020

Tergar Oselling Monastery

[email protected]


2nd Jan, 2020

Akshayashwar Mahavihar, Lalitpur




Lumbini Vikas Kosh, Lumbini

[email protected]



Bauddhanath Kshetrabikas Samiti, Ktm




Byom Kushuma Buddha Dharma Sangha

[email protected]



Mustang Shakya Bauddha Sangh




Bodhisattva Vihara



3rd May, 2024

Pugata Bhumi Jetwan Vihar




Tulsipur Sub metropolitan City, Dang

[email protected]



Tulsipur Sub metropolitan City, Dang




Shankharapur Municipality, Sankhu, Ktm

[email protected]



Hetauda Sub- metropolitan City

[email protected]



Suddodhan Rural Municipality

[email protected]



Sainamaina Municipality

[email protected]



Bardibas Municipality

[email protected]



Devdaha Municipality

[email protected]



TU, Engineering Adhyayan Sansthan

[email protected]


17thFeb, 2021

Nepal Airlines Corporation

[email protected]


18thFeb, 2021

Nepal Tourism Board

[email protected]



Institute of Foreign Affairs, Nepal




Bodhi Television, Lumbini

[email protected]



Heart to Heart Nepal

[email protected]



National Trust for Nature Conservation

[email protected]



Gautam Buddha Int. Airport

[email protected]


31stJuly, 2022

Anita Reading Corner




Dhammagam- Devdaha


Join Hands for Global Impact

Are you passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding, advancing research frontiers, and promoting wisdom and compassion on a global scale? Lumbini Buddhist University invites you to collaborate with us in our international initiatives. Whether you represent an academic institution, a research organization, or a cultural exchange program, together we can create a brighter and more interconnected world. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of collaboration and embark on a transformative journey of shared knowledge and mutual enrichment. Let’s build bridges that transcend boundaries and work towards a more enlightened and harmonious future together.

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