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Traditional Buddhist Art of Nepal has been practiced since thousands of years by the indigenous artists of Kathmandu Valley. It’s a well-known fact that this unique traditional art has engraved its significance throughout the world. In the present artistic global scenario, the world of art seems incomplete without its presence. The aesthetic beauty inherent in this beautiful form of art known as Newah Art and it is well appreciated by all the art lovers, art connoisseur as well as laypersons. Traditional Newah Art is not only limited to its aesthetic beauty, it also familiarize us with the Buddhist Philosophy. By transferring Buddhist philosophy inherent in this classical art to implement them in one’s practical life can balance their spiritual satisfaction and physical happiness to improve the life of all sentient beings

Academic Programs

BTBABachelor in Traditional Buddhist Art

Level : Undergraduate
Credit : 120
Method : Lecture
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Aksheswar Mahabihar
Aksheswar Marg
Pulchowk-3, Lalitpur, Nepal

E: [email protected]

P: +977 9810039778


  1. To preserve and promote traditional Newah Buddhist Art through generating artists, art deliberator and art researcher.
  2. To organize appropriate programs required to be a good artist for instance, Buddhist Art, philosophy, history and various educational courses along with enhancing their artistic, mental and intellectual quality
  3. To forbid the distortion of traditional art in future that may occur during the art practice by providing them the proper knowledge of Buddhist philosophy.
  4. To promote our art national and international wide by organizing various seminars, workshops, field visits and art exhibitions of students; and publish books, souvenirs, magazines as the collection of articles and researches regarding Buddhism and art on a digital basis such as websites and publishing documentaries.
  5. To contribute in sustainable development of nation providing optimum knowledge of entrepreneurship and management through religious practice in Buddhist Philosophy.
  6. To organize Bachelor level courses of study for the traditional Paubha painting and Traditional statue and eventually extending its spectrum to other different subjects of art. Most importantly, our objective is to organize Masters level courses in the course of studies in near future.

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