Faculty of Buddhist Studies


Internalizing the teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha, LBU envisions for world peace, harmony and prosperity through its pedagogy and research in the areas of Buddhist Philoshphy, Literature, Education, Culture and other subjects to enhance the cultivation of  precepts and human virtues namely peace,empathy,  Maitrī and compassion.

Buddha’s teachings direct the humans towards achieving the ultimate happiness.  In Buddhism, development is interpreted as uplifting people in terms of spiritual and psychological needs upon securing the basic needs of a decent livelihood.  Similarly, Buddhism recognizes the importance of cultivation of human virtues as well as material development.

Lumbini Buddhist University consists of three Faculties currently; from the beginning the Faculty of Buddhist studies has been predominant as the course of Buddhist Studies is one of the fast growing multi-facet academic disciplines which has something to cater everyone from all walks of lives. Besides traditional monastic education systems, the course of Buddhist Studies has been introduced in the Universities across the globe. In the context of Lumbini Buddhist University, this discipline is taught not only at the central campus of LBU but also taught in its six  affiliated educational institutions in Nepal such as, Lotus Academic College,  Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies, Sugat Bauddha Mahavidyalaya, Theravada Buddhist Academy, Boudha Multiple Campus and in SIBA, Sri Lanka.



The goal of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies is to produce a full-fledged, intelligent, wise, moral, talented, non-violent and secular persons,  who thinks and works not only for the benefit of own but that of others and society unselfishly,  by providing teachings of core and applied Buddhism in scientific way.


  1. To impart the knowledge of Buddhist education based on Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese through physical as well as online based classes by the worldwide scholars in the field, to those who are interested in these studies all over the world, from Lumbini.
  2. To facilitate the students the pedagogy and research in the areas of Buddhist Philoshphy, Literature, Education, Culture and applied subjects.
  3. To help the students to achieve the physical, mental, moral and intellectual development and guide the students to realize the innate, perfect, ultimate wisdom through which one can solve all kinds of problems and turn suffering into happiness.