Faculty of Buddhist Studies


Internalizing the teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha, LBU envisions world peace, harmony, and prosperity through its pedagogy and research in the areas of Buddhist Philosophy, Literature, Education, Culture and other subjects to enhance the cultivation of precepts and human virtues namely peace, empathy,  Maitrī and compassion.

Buddha’s teachings direct humans towards achieving the ultimate happiness.  In Buddhism, development is interpreted as uplifting people in terms of spiritual and psychological needs upon securing the basic needs of a decent livelihood.  Similarly, Buddhism recognizes the importance of the cultivation of human virtues as well as material development.

Lumbini Buddhist University consists of three Faculties currently; from the beginning the Faculty of Buddhist Studies has been predominant as the course of Buddhist Studies is one of the fast-growing multi-faceted academic disciplines that has something to cater to everyone from all walks of lives. Besides traditional monastic education systems, the course of Buddhist Studies has been introduced in Universities across the globe. In the context of Lumbini Buddhist University, this discipline is taught not only at the central campus of LBU but also in its six affiliated educational institutions in Nepal such as Lotus Academic College,  Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies, Sugat Bauddha Mahavidyalaya, Theravada Buddhist Academy, Boudha Multiple Campus and in SIBA, Sri Lanka.

Areas of Focus

Buddhist Philosophy

peace, empathy,  Maitrī and compassion

Buddhist Culture & Literature


The goal of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies is to produce a full-fledged, intelligent, wise, moral, talented, non-violent, and secular person,  who thinks and works not only for the benefit of their own but that of others and society unselfishly,  by providing teachings of core and applied Buddhism in scientific way.


  1. To impart knowledge of Buddhist education based on Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese through physical as well as online classes by the worldwide scholars in the field, to those who are interested in these studies all over the world, from Lumbini.
  2. To facilitate the student’s pedagogy and research in the areas of Buddhist philosophy, Literature, Education, Culture, and applied subjects.
  3. To help the students achieve physical, mental, moral, and intellectual development and guide the students to realize the innate, perfect, ultimate wisdom through which one can solve all kinds of problems and turn suffering into happiness.

Program Review

FBS will periodically review its academic programs on the basis of the parameters set by the University /Faculty/Quality Assurance and Accreditation Cell. At least one cycle of the program will be the observation period or piloting of the program.

Why Study Here?

  1. Delivering its learners an opportunity and access to academic, professional, and research-based education through blended mode (a combination of Face-to-Face and Online mode) with a collaborative and learner-centric way;
  2. Equipping its learners with knowledge, skills, and competencies by best-utilizing information technology in education;
  3. Developing sensitivity to ethical, aesthetic, and social issues;
  4. Cultivate in learners an ethical awareness to live with love, compassion, renunciation, cooperation, and peace
  5. Fostering excellence in learning and researching by nurturing an environment based on evidence-based, inquiry-based learning, reasoning, and researching;
  6. Equip learners relevant skills to compete in society;
  7. Delivering its learners an opportunity of and access to academic, professional, and research-based education through blended mode (a combination of Face-to-Face and Online mode) with collaborative and learner-centric way;
  8. Developing sensitivity to ethical, aesthetic, and social issues;

Department Contact Info

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Parsa, Lumbini, Rupandehi

Lumbini Province, Nepal


[email protected]

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Greetings from Lumbini Buddhist University!

Dear Esteemed Students and Scholars,

I extend a heartfelt welcome as the Dean of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies at Lumbini Buddhist University. Our faculty, nestled in the sacred birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha, holds a profound vision of becoming a global center for excellence in Buddhist Studies. We are dedicated to addressing contemporary societal challenges through the application of core Buddhist values and fostering world peace.

Our academic offerings encompass a diverse range, including Master's and Bachelor's degree programs, certificate courses, and an evolving curriculum aligned with the essence of Buddhist Education from the Birthplace of Buddha and Skill-Oriented Buddhist Education. As we impart the teachings of the Buddha, we equally focus on nurturing research capacities among our esteemed faculty.

Over the years, we have engaged in national and international seminars in collaboration with various organizations, a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant research environment. As we move forward, we seek cooperation and collaboration from all who share our vision of promoting Buddhist wisdom and values. I invite you to be part of our dynamic academic community, where your intellectual pursuits and contributions can help shape a more enlightened and peaceful world.

Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya

Dean, Faculty of Buddhist Studies

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Modes of Delivery
Assessment/Evaluation Methods
Learner Support System
  1. Pre-Class Activities with blended mode (a combination of Face-to-Face and/or online through a learning management system) in which learners will be assigned tasks to accomplish at home /out of the classroom before they attend the classrooms. They will be given the unit /module of the curriculum, learning materials textbooks, authentic keynotes on relevant topics, Weblinks, Blogging, LinkedIn, videos, and other new media-related materials so that they will prepare in advance and attend the classrooms with some content in their minds.
  2.  In-class activities with blended mode (a combination of Face-to-Face and/or online through learning management system) in which they participate in lectures, presentations, discussions, interactions, problem-solving activities.
  3.  Post-class activities: learners will be given assignments and learners’ feedback will be entertained.
  4. Online but asynchronous learning by learners by downloading the lectures and reading materials.
  5. Portfolio and multiple tasking (mainly through Learning Management System /Virtual Learning Platform).

Students’ evaluation will be continuous, diagnostic and placement, formative and summative. As part of the Internal Evaluation (40% weightage), Portfolio, Individual /Group Assignment, Attendance and Presentation will be used for awarding marks. As part of External Examination (with 60% weightage), Semester-End or External Examination will be conducted jointly by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean’s Office, and Controller of Examinations. Learners’ learning achievement will be assessed through the following processes:

a. Internal Assessment: 40% of the total weightage
i. Attendance and Participation
ii. Portfolio and Formative Dimension
iii. Quiz, Lessons, Individual and Collaborative /Group Assignments
iv. Writing Assignments and Presentation

b. External Assessment /Examination: The LBU Controller of Examinations will administer it. In special circumstances such as pandemic lockdown, virtually proctored and time-bound examinations will be implemented.


Learner Support Center will facilitate teaching staff and non-teaching staff (from the administration technical section) to support learners in their learning processes. Learners will be contacted and responded through bulk messages through SMS, emails, landline, and /or mobile phones. Learner Support Center will be ready to support in face-to-face mode as well. Learners’ grievances, comments, suggestions will be entertained through online modes since learners are located at a distance.

Join the Faculty of Buddhist Studies (FBS) at Lumbini Buddhist University on a transformative path. Discover the profound teachings of Buddhism, delve into its rich culture, and tackle contemporary challenges with mindfulness and compassion. With a range of programs, including Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees and certificate courses, you’ll not only acquire knowledge but also become part of a community dedicated to fostering global peace and prosperity. Your journey toward wisdom and positive change begins here—apply to FBS today.

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