The Devdaha Education Development Project

The Devdaha Education Development Project


The Lumbini Buddhist University Devdaha Education Development Project, established through collaboration between Lumbini Buddhist University and the South to North Water Diversion Metaverse Research Center, aims to enhance educational opportunities within the region. This initiative encompasses the establishment of diverse faculties of study. Central to its mission is a conscientious consideration of environmental conservation, sustainability, community relations, agricultural and forestry practices, and engagement with local governance structures.

The project aspires to attract a substantial cohort of both domestic and international students, with the overarching goal of positioning Nepal as a premier educational hub in the near future. By providing world-class education through Lumbini Buddhist University, the project endeavors to contribute significantly to the educational landscape of the region.

Governing Council

The governing council of the Lumbini Buddhist University Devdaha Education Development Project (DEDP) at Lumbini Buddhist University, located in Devdaaha Municipality, Rupandehi is composed of esteemed individuals who bring a heritage of expertise and experience to their roles:

Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya
Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya
Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya
Prof. Dr. He Hongxuan
Mr. Wu Gang
Dr. Kumar Khadka
Member Secretary
Mr. Wang Yonghua

Research Collaboration on Environmental Conservation

Establish joint research projects focusing on environmental conservation, sustainable agricultural and forestry practices, and water resource management. Encourage interdisciplinary research teams comprising scholars and researchers from all over the globe to address burning environmental challenges that the region is facing.

Capacity Building in Governance and Community Relations

Offer training workshops, seminars, and capacity-building programs to enhance governance structures and foster positive community relations. Leverage the expertise of the governing council members and collaborate with the South to North Water Diversion Metaverse Research Center to develop educational initiatives that empower local communities and promote participatory decision-making processes.

Curriculum Development and Faculty Exchange

Collaborate on developing curricula that integrate principles of environmental conservation, sustainability, and community engagement across various faculties of study. Facilitate faculty exchange programs between Lumbini Buddhist University and international institutions associated with the South to North Water Diversion Metaverse Research Center to enhance academic diversity and expertise.

Infrastructure Development and Technology Transfer

Collaborate on fundraising for the infrastructure development projects aimed at enhancing educational facilities and research laboratories under Lumbini Buddhist University. Explore opportunities for technology transfer and knowledge sharing in areas such as water management technologies, sustainable agriculture practices, and renewable energy solutions to support the region’s socio-economic development goals.

Student Mobility and Exchange Programs

Create opportunities for student mobility and exchange programs to attract domestic and international students to study the most interesting and demanded courses and programs at Lumbini Buddhist University. Design exchange programs that allow students to gain practical experience thereby fostering a global perspective on local issues.

Promotion of Nepal as an Educational Hub

Jointly promote Nepal as a premier educational hub by showcasing the academic excellence and research opportunities available at Lumbini Buddhist University. Develop marketing strategies and outreach campaigns targeting prospective students, academic partners, and funding agencies to position Nepal as a destination for high-quality education, research collaboration, and cultural exchange.

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