University Senate: It is the supreme decision-making body on policies, budget, and rules and regulations. The incumbent Honorable Prime Minister is the ex-officio chairperson of the Senate. Honorable Minister of Education chairs the Senate Meeting in the absence of Premier, and Vice-Chancellor chairs it in the absence of Minister of Education. Senate is composed of representatives from Buddhist activists, industrialists, farmers, social workers, academicians, donors, the Ministry of Education, the University Grants Commission, representatives of other universities. The Vice-Chancellor, the Deans, four Campus Chiefs, and three university teachers nominated by the Chancellor are also members of the Senate. The Registrar is the member secretary of the Senate.

University Senate Consists of the following Members:


S. No. Name Portfolio Remarks
1 Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuwa Chancellor Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister
2 Mr. Devendra Poudel Pro-Chancellor Hon’ble Minister of Education, Science and Technology
3 Prof Dr. Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya Member Vice-Chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University
4 Dr. Puspa Raman Wagle Member Member, National Planning Commission
5 Prof. Dr. Dharmakanta Baskota Member Vice-Chancellor, Tribhuvan University
6 Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa Member Vice-Chancellor, Kathmandu University
7 Prof. Dr. Bhim Prasad Subedi Member Chairperson, University Grants Commission
8 Mr. Yadav Prasad Koirala Member Secretary, Ministry of Education
9 Mr. Madhu Kumar Marasini Member Secretary, Ministry of Finance
10 Member Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
11 Mr. Dilli Ram Sharma Member Secretary, Province 5
12 Ven. Bhikkshu Meteiyaa Member Vice-president, Lumbini Development Trust
13 Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya Member Dean, Faculty of Buddhist Studies
14  Dr. Sanjeev Humagain Member Acting Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciencs
15 Mr. Ukesh Raj Bhuju Member Dean, School of Development Studies and Applied Sciences
16 Mr. Nir Bahadur Gurung Member Campus Chief, Central College, L. B. U.
17 Dr. Ramesh Dhungel Member Campus Chief, Himalayan College
18 Mr. Fanindra Kumar Neupane Member Lecturer, Central College L. B. U
19 Mr. Indra Prasad Kafle Member Lecturer Association, LBU
20 Mr. Ekraj B. K. Member Chairman, District Coordination Committee
21 Mrs. Sarala Mokhtan Member Female Representative, Province 1
22 Mr. Jiwan Kumar Rai Member Male Representative, Province 1
23 Mrs. Sofiya Acharya Rimal Member Female Representative, Madesh Province
24 Kamali Maya Waiwa Member Male Representative, Madesh Province
25 Ven. Ani Choing Dolma Member Female Representative, Bagmati Pradesh
26 Mr. Suraj Vaidhya Member Male Representative, Bagmati Pradesh
27 Dr. Chandrakala Bhadra Member Female Representative, Gandaki Pradesh
28 Mr. Kapil Lama Member Male Representative, Gandaki Pradesh
29 Mrs. Sarita Bhushal Member Female Representative, Lumbini Pradesh
30 Mr. Kamaleshwar Puri Goshwami Member Male Representative, Lumbini Pradesh
31 Mrs. Mohan Maya Dhakal Member Female Representative, Karnali Pradesh
32 Mr. Jeevan Kumar Shakya Member Male Representative, Karnali Pradesh
33 Dr. Janaki Kumari Tuladhar Member Female Representative, Far-western Pradesh
34 Prof. Dr. Jayaraj Awasthi Member Male Representative, Far-western Pradesh
35 Mrs. Sujita Shakya Member
36 Sridhar Rana Rimpoche Member Representative form National And International Buddhist Institution
37 Ven. Bhikkshu Maitri Mahasthavir Member
38 Mr. Shir Lama Gurung Member
39 Ven. Dhammawati Guruma Member
40 Prof. Dr. Dilli Devi Shakya Member
41 Mrs. Nita Vajracharya Member
42 Mr. Gambhir Gurung Member Donor
43 Mr. Padhma Jyoti Member Donor
44 Prof. Ramlal Shrestha Member
45 Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya Members-Secretary Registrar, Lumbini Buddhist University


Academic Council: Chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Academic Council is an academic body of the university. The Council is comprised of the heads of the major academic bodies, such as the Registrar, Deans of different faculties, Chairmen of various subject committees, educationists, Controller of Examinations, Chief of Curriculum Development Center, experts and teachers appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor. The Council formulates policies and practices on curricula, teaching, examination, and academic programs of the university.


S.No. Name Portfolio Ramarks
1 Prof. Dr Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya Chairman Vice-Chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University
2 Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya Member Registrar, Lumbini Buddhist University
3  —- Member Examination Controller
4 Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya Member Dean

Executive Council: Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, the Council executes decisions taken by the University Senate. It is composed of seven members—the Vice-Chancellor, one person from among Deans, one person from among the Campus Chiefs who are members of the Senate, three persons from among members of the Senate including one teacher and the Registrar. The Registrar is the ex-officio member secretary of the Council


S.N Name Portfolio Remarks
1 Prof. Dr Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya Chairman Vice-Chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University
2 Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya Member Dean
3 Mr. Nir Bahadur Gurung Member One Campus Chief among Senate Members
4 —- Member A representative from Buddhist Art, Culture and literature Expertise
5 Dr. Sharada Poudel
Indra Prasad Kafle
Members Two Lecturers ( At least one women member)
6 Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya Member-Secretary Registrar, Lumbini Buddhist University

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for determining the selection of teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff based on the examination of the qualification of each candidate presented for nomination. In consultation with the Executive Council and the recruitment, the committee recommends the candidates for approval, appoints, and recommends the rank to be assigned to new teachers and staff and authorizes their promotion and further advancement based on their academic and work experience and evaluation records.

Members Designation Name
Registrar Chairman Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya
A representative among the Buddhist Religion, Philosophy, Culture and
archaeology inside or outside the University
Member Prof. Dr. Gitu Giri
Dean Member
Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya