Office Of The Vice Chancellor

Lumbini Buddhist University was conceived in the First World Buddhist Summit held in Lumbini in Buddha Sambat 2542 (1998 AD) withthe aspiration of creating an academic center inspired by the tenets of Lord Buddha’s teachings. It was established dedicated to the sacred birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha through the promulgation of LBU Ordinance in 2004 AD. The ordinance was endorsed by the Parliament of Nepal through LBU Act in 2006 AD. Accepting and following the teachings of Lord Buddha, the University is dedicated to World Peace.

The university is expected to provide a focus for uniting all for world peace. It is expected to function as an international hub for Buddhist Studies and activism for world peace through the operation of institutions of higher education for teaching-learning and research in the areas of Buddhist Philosophy, Literature, Education, Buddhist History, Archaeology, and Culture to inspire Shanti, Bandhutwa, Maitri and Sadbhav (peace, empathy, friendship, and compassion). Understanding that higher education is the foundation for knowledge creation, dissemination, application, and innovation necessary for driving social, economic, and political development, LBU intends to develop academic programs, undertake research activities, and interface with communities and societies with the mission of propagating peace and prosperity for all.

In the current global development trend, knowledge-based development has superseded other modes. LBU intends to contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society. The emergent development discourses are profoundly drawn by the gravity of the core humane consciousness. The inner voice of the human soul in love with nature and the mother earth is calling for critical reflection on the past courses of modernity and to yearn for mindfulness in every step forward. LBU is aware of and yearns the traditional ethos of the people of Nepal in venerating nature and mother earth and behold their supreme. The world is now engaged in the global campaign for achieving the goals of sustainable development led by the United Nation. LBU intends to contribute to the campaign upholding the ethos.

On behalf of LBU, I would like to invite all to walk with us in the lights Buddha’s teachings.

Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya
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