Academic Programs

Academic Programs


Learner-centered modalities offering modular approaches, independent studies, experiential learning, practical applications, research and others

Conceptual clarity by empowering learners in online/physical sessions facilitated by experienced faculties using Buddhist pedagogy such as open-air sessions

Practical/Applications giving exposures to learners for real-life applications of theories/concepts

Experiential learning opportunities for individual efforts under faculty’s supervision, as follows:

  • Monastic Experience (acquainted with Buddhist lifestyle)
  • Field Experience (exposure on projects/programs)
  • Outreach Program (serving the community)

Research knowledge, skill and attitude by testing ideas/tools in diverse fields for assignments, term-papers and thesis


Continuous evaluation of learners’ progress as tailored by faculties covering attendance, assignments, term papers and examinations

Course coverage 

In general, courses have been designed to cover 40% on concepts & theories pertinent to the subject matter, and 30% each on Nepal specific and regional/global contexts.


The minimum qualifications of learners for admissions will be as follows:

  • CGPA 2.5 or 50% aggregate in the four year undergraduate programs of any stream
  • CGPA 2.5 or 50% aggregate in the three year undergraduate programs of any stream, and 2 years of work experience in the relevant fields