School of Development Studies


The School of Development Studies & Applied Sciences was created in 2019 by Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) to practically connect and contextualize the teachings of Buddha with the contemporary issues and development needs.

The School has developed three master level programs.  They are:

  1. a) Master in Agroforestry (MAF),
  2. b) Master in Development Studies (MDS), and
  3. c) Master in Environmental Studies (MES).


Creating a virtuous society having sustainable livelihood through environmentally friendly, economically vibrant and ethically governed systems


Develop academic programs of higher education suitable for professional careers as administrators, entrepreneurs, mobilizers, planners, policy-makers, researchers or teachers in the fields of sustainable development, agroforestry & its allied subjects, and environmental management



Implementation of the academic programs based on the Buddhist philosophy as elaborated in the four noble truths pertinent to the sufferings such as existence, causes, ending and remedies, and the noble eight-folded path of righteousness on View, Thought, Speech, Conduct, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration