One day seminar on Syllabus of BBTTM

The Dean Office of Lumbini Buddhist University conducted a one day seminar on the syllabus of Bachelor in Buddhism Travel and Tourism Management on 12 January 2019. 

The Inaugural session began with the welcome speech by Dean of LBU Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya who also put light on the program schedule. Respected Ven. Mettiya Bhante was the Chief Guest of the Seminar and Dean of the LBU was the Chairman. .

 Ven Mettiya the Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Development Trust (LDT), emphasised different aspects of Tourism in Lumbini and around. He talked about how Tourist can be attracted by simply making the interiors of Hotels with the Buddhistic design. He emphasized on how Hotels should put the liquors out of customer site since it is birth place of Buddha a holy land and present only when it is asked by customer. In addition, he has given best wishes for the program of BBTTM and promised to help in every way through L.D.T. From the representative of Hotels association MR Hem Kunwar pointed the importance of BBTTM program in Lumbini and its positive future impact on the hotels.

 At the academic session Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raj Kunar presented his syllabus on Concept of Travel and Tourism. He highlighted about the design of the content, why it is made so and in what ways it is helpful for the students. Similarly, Dr. Rajiv Dahal presented the content of third and fourth semester syllabus and described the relevancy of the contents which are included in the syllabus.

On the syllabus, commentators Mr. Shree Bhattrai and Mr. Indra Prasad Kafle gave some suggestion and recommended for some changes. Similarly, from the faculty member, former Campus chief of Central Campus Mr. Indra Prasad Kafle and Prof. Basant Bidari expressed their view about the syllabus. 

The seminar was participated by Teachers of LBU and the representative of different tourism industry around Lumbini. The seminar was all about, how the entire syllabus has been made for the third and fourth semester of BBTTM program and what fruitful impact it will make to the fellow students.

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