Message from the Research Director

World Buddhist Summit in 1998 had proposed to establish a World Buddhist University in Lumbini, sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha, in order to teach, learns and research in the areas of Buddhist Philosophy, Literature, Education and Culture to propagate peace, compassion, friendship and empathy all over the world. In accordance with the Lumbini Declaration of the Summit research was proposed as the major motive of the University. Teaching, learning and research are interrelated in order to complete the target of any content. Two actors are involved in teaching, learning and research; one is the teacher, the monitor and the second, the student. Faculty members and students should be motivated to do outstanding research, A discussion with students in classroom, in addition to teaching, we need to have dialogues, critical dialogues with the students and especially if the discussions are spanning across the areas of research that can bring in near awareness which help us in doing good research. If we want to be a good teacher, we also have to be a good researcher; and that is what motivates us to focus both in teaching as well as research. When question raise in classroom, in course of critical discussion and debate lead to further good research and curiosity among the teacher and students. It should be remind that good teaching feeds good research, and good research feeds good teachings. What do we do to generate intensive interest among the students, so that subject like Buddhist philosophy, literature, education, culture as well as applied sciences, it can be used effectively to find solutions to the challenges that we face in our society.

Lumbini Research Centre has proposed integrated approach of teaching, learning and research providing mini research, faculty research and action research projects to the student and teachers. In the higher education area, there is a huge competition for getting the best faculty, best students and for securing research fund, which is possible only if we brainstorm on creating a vision for our University and work together. Research Centre is going to organize seminar, workshop, cultural festivals as well as interaction in the proper content connecting to the current social issues, which support in questioning, debating and discussing culture in order to find out the research items. The Centre is also going to conduct research projects in partnership with Governmental and Non governmental agencies in the contemporary issues of the society. It is going to motivate faculty members to get research funding from out sides sponsoring agencies and do research. Scare and valuable Buddhist texts translate from Pali, Sanskrit into Nepali and other language will be enriched its literary property. Recently, School of Development Studies and Applied Sciences has also started to promote sustainable livelihood through technical subjects, on which research items are integrated in practically.

We hope that action research, mini research, faculty research, research visits, seminars, translation, publication and partnership programs will support to strengthen the teaching, learning as well as educational quality promotion in accordance with social needs and interest. Not only this, but also plays a vital role in course of good relation and friendly environment among Buddhist countries all over the world. Research Centre will play a dynamic role in order to prepare professionalize human resources, peace ambassador, sustainable development and happy life.

Prof. Gitu Giri, Ph . D

Research Director