Message from the Dean

Greetings from Lumbini Buddhist University!

Lumbini Buddhist University based in Lumbini, the birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha envisions being an international center of academic excellence through teaching and supporting research in Buddhist Studies. It also visualizes to be an institution of higher learning committed to addressing contemporary social problems through application of core Buddhist values and to promote World Peace. LBU is making every effort to materials its visions and mission with the themes of Buddhist Education from the Birth Place of Buddha and Skill Oriented Buddhist Education, through different activities and forums. Since LBU has promulgated the Master Plan, more specifically, Academic Master Plan in 2015, it has been extending its academic programs vertically and horizontally that include Master’s Degree Courses in Theravada Buddhism, Mahayan Buddhism, Applied Buddhism, Buddhism & Himalayan Studies and Buddhism and Peace Studies, PGD and Bachelor’s degree courses along with one-year certificate-degree languages courses in Pali, Sanskrita, Tibetan and Chinese language which are the essential language to study Buddhist Studies. Besides that, LBU has introduced new Buddhist courses, an amalgamation of core Buddhist subjects such as Bachelor in Bhot Buddhist Studies and market and skill oriented humanities, social science subjects such MA in Museology and Buddhist Collections, Master in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites, BA in Buddhist Studies and Humanities with major English, Economic and Rural Development, Bachelor in Buddhism, Travel and Tourism Management, etc.  At this junction, LBU is in the process of redesigning the curriculum of Master in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies with two streams namely, i) Philosophy and Cultural Heritage and ii) Heritage Conservation and Traditional Architecture in four semester cycle in two years duration. Despite being a comparatively new university with a limited resources, LBU is making progress in imparting the teachings of the Buddha, which is its one of the prime objectives, it aims to promote and strengthen research capacities of the teaching faculties. Hence, LBU has been involved in organizing national and international seminar in collaboration with different national and international organizations since last few years and we will continue this in the future as well.  We, at LBU, look forward cooperation in whatever way possible from all concerned in this regards.

Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya

Dean, Faculty of Buddhist Studies