MA in Theravada Buddhism

  • Lectures: 2
  • Duration: 10 weeks
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The Master of Arts in Theravada Buddhism is intended for students who wish to demonstrate a knowledge of Theravada Buddhist studies, history, and practice; and  particularly Theravada practitioners, who wish to enhance their engagement with the tradition and their communities by obtaining a systematic graduate level education in Theravada Buddhist studies.

The course consists about the History of Buddhism from the time of Buddha’s period. with This paper is divided into five parts and designed to provide students, the knowledge on Introductory back ground, Origin and Development of Buddhism, Expansion of Buddhism in Asia, Learning centers of Buddhism and revival of Buddhism in India

Students who complete this program will:

  • Locate Theravada Buddhism within the larger history of Buddhism as a whole
  • Study Theravada Buddhist texts and practices using critical methodologies
  • Develop critical reasoning and writing skills through academic writing and reflection.