• Lectures: 1
  • Duration: 10 weeks
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The course aims to impart the students knowledge on general Buddhist Philosophy and
traditions. It helps them understand the reality of the universe and own existence within
cosmological, theological and philosophical understandings and the ways these motivate
ordinary and extraordinary human lives. The course intends to provide bases for further study in
various fields within Buddhist studies.

The course is categorized into six units. Key Buddhist values following which Buddhists
advance in their practice are included in Unit First and those which are known as basic Buddhist
teachings are the subjects under Unit Second. Unit Third gives a brief introduction to Buddhist
meditation. Unit Four introduces four philosophical schools of Buddhism and Buddhist logics
that serve as bases for further readings. Unit Five includes some important Mahāyānic concept
sand also throws light on Vajrayāna Philosophy and Practice. Unit Six deal with common
Buddhist principles on Karma and rebirth, common Buddhist practices, role of laity in
Buddhism, monasticism, social dimension of Buddhism etc.