• Lectures: 2
  • Duration: 104 weeks
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This course is designed to impart knowledge and development of Buddhism in general. Its’ objective is to make students to be familiar with origin with Buddhism, various phases of growth, institutions, sectarian development, and expansion in different regions in the north and the south and also decline of Buddhism in India.

The course consists about the History of Buddhism from the time of Buddha’s period. with This paper is divided into five parts and designed to provide students, the knowledge on Introductory back ground, Origin and Development of Buddhism, Expansion of Buddhism in Asia, Learning centers of Buddhism and revival of Buddhism in India .
Course Objectives
The objectives of course are:

  1. To impart students with the knowledge history of Buddhism with the sources of history
  2. To make them well known about the important Buddhists sites of Nepal and India at the time of Buddha.
  3. To impart knowledge on how Buddhism had been developed and expanded in North and South and South East Asia.
  4. To make student familiarize about development of Buddhist learning centre
  5. To highlight on revival of Buddhism in India

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