Central College


In order to materialize its vision, LBU has adopted four basic initiatives: teaching, research, social services, and meditation. Its faculty and associates provide instruction on the Buddha’s teachings, conduct research across the broad field of Buddhist Studies, impart knowledge of canonical language, literature and Buddhist art, and support monastic education.


Lumbini Buddhist University envisions being an international center of academic excellence and a hub of scholarly interaction on Buddhist knowledge and practice that will contribute the welfare of humanity at large.


1. Master Program

(2 years, 4 semesters; required qualification: B.A.)

  •  Theravāda Buddhism
  •  Mahāyāna Buddhism
  •  Applied Buddhism
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites
  • Museology and Buddhist Collection (Runs in Kathmandu)


2. Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

(Required qualification : Bachelors’ Degree)

  •  Buddhist Studies


3. Bachelors’ Program

(Required qualification: +2)

  • Bachelor of Arts, B.A. in Major Buddhism, English, Rural Development (4 years, 8 Semesters)
  • Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management with honors in Buddhism ( BTTM ) (4 years, 8 semesters)
  • Bachelor in Bhot Buddhist Studies, BBBS (4 years, 8 semesters)


4. Certificate Level Language Program

(Required qualification: SLC/SEE)

  •  Pali
  •  Sanskrit
  • Tibetan
  • Chinese
  • English

Programs and time- shift:

S.N. Courses Shift Duration
1 Masters Evening 2 Years
2 PGD Evening 1 Year
2 Bachelors Morning 4 Years
3 Languages Evening 1 Year

All the courses are offered in very reasonable and affordable fees.

Meditation Practice for Students

Lumbini Buddhist University has assigned its students of MA in Buddhist Studies program to sit for minimum ten day’s meditation retreat as per Buddhist tradition. Such practice has been provisioned in the course syllabus as part of students’ evaluation system.  With this practice, students can realize their real self and understand Buddhism in practical level.

Vipassanā Hall

LBU Central Campus has provisioned a meditation hall for its Vipassanā practitioners. Teachers, students, and staffs, who are already trained in this practice, can deepen their truth realization practicing this meditation in their free time.


To encourage the aspirant students in the pursuit of knowledge, the university awards scholars to eligible and needy students. Such scholarship schemes are offered from the fund of university and through the generous hands of donors.


To facilitate students from distant areas, the University will provide a hostel at an affordable price for boys and girls.