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Tulsipur Metro College is running under the management of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City. TMC has been running  BALLB programme as a collaboration program with LBU.

Currently Running Programme:

  1. BALLB

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Contact No: 987822591

Currently Running Programme:

  1. Master’s in Buddhism and Sustainable Development

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Contact no: 9851228727

Currently Running Programme:

  1. Bachelor of Traditional Buddhist Arts

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Affiliated Colleges

बौद्ध दर्शन, साहित्य, शिक्षा र संस्कृतिको अध्ययन अध्यापन र अनुसन्धानलाई सर्वसुलभ र गुणस्तरीय शैक्षिक कार्यक्रम सञ्चालन गरिने गरी स्थापना भएको हो । तसर्थ यसका आङ्गिक क्याम्पस २ वटा मात्र छ । यसले रूपन्देही जिल्लाको लुम्बिनी साँस्कृतिक नगरपालिका अन्तर्गत लुम्बिनीको प्राज्ञिक भवन परिसरमा केन्द्रीय क्याम्पस र बुटवल नयाँगाउँमा  सिटी क्याम्पस सञ्चालन गरेको छ । बौद्ध विश्वविद्यालयको सहकार्यमा तीन वटा क्याम्पस सञ्चालनमा छन् भने ८ वटा क्याम्पसहरूलाई सम्बन्धन दिएको छ । सम्बन्धन दिएका क्याम्पसहरू वागमती प्रदेशमा रहेका छन् ।

Lotus Academy College is a part of Lotus Research Centre, which is located at Khwayabahil, Lalitpur. The center has played vital role basically in the field of tradition Buddhism of Nepa by organizing inter national conference in 2000 and 2005. The center has first started digital archive collecting information of traditional Buddhist heritages with an aim to preserve and promote Buddhist cultural heritage of Nepal Mandala. LRC has launched Lotus Academic College for Buddhist Studies since 2007 and now its providing 2 years semester system Master Degree in Applied Buddhism. This program of Applied Buddhism focuses on the various disciplines such as Economics, Management, Health and Hygiene, Jurisprudence, Psychology etc. It also includes basic knowledge of Buddhist history, philosophy and literature. Furthermore, It enhances student’s serious understanding and offers skills, knowledge, and competency in academic research and practical.

Principal : Mr. Dharma Sundar Bajracharya

Contact No. : 9851105505 / 015549343

Email : [email protected]

Boudha Multiple Campus is a community based non-profit making TU and Lumbini Buddhist University ( LBU) affiliated campus located in the proximity to the historical site Boudha stupa, Kathmandu.

Established in 2066, It has initially commenced Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) in the management faculty. Boudha Multiple Campus also offers 2 years full time Semester-wise Master Degree program Under Arts Faculty such as Master’s in Buddhism and Peace Studies which is affiliated to LBU.

This program of Buddhism and Peace Studies provides various aspects of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

It also includes basic knowledge of Buddhist history, philosophy and literature.

Principal : Dr. Mohan Khatiwada

Contact No. : 9851213855 / 014915592

Email : [email protected]

Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies is located in Chuchepati, Chabahil (Taragaon Regency Premises), Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 2013 AD as a public higher academic institution; which is affiliated to Lumbini Buddhist University and recognized by University Grants Commission of Nepal. It offers Postgraduate degree programs such as MA Buddhism and Himalayan Studies. This master degree emphasize in Buddhist philosophy, history, cultures, languages (Tibetan, Sanskrit and Pali), heritage architecture, conservation techniques, and Offers a broad range of elective courses: Discourse Analysis, Digital Humanities, Traditional Himalayan Buddhist medicine, etc.

Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies offers 2 years fulltime Semester-wise Master Degree program in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies. This program covers historical antiquity, advanced stage, decline and present condition of Buddhist people from the western to eastern Himalayan region of Nepal located in the Cis-Himalaya. It also covers the study of various schools of Tibetan Buddhism, important monasteries and contributions of native and Tibetan Lamas, nuns and other professionals who were active in that area in different period of time.

Principal : Dr. Ramesh Kumar Dhungal

Contact No. : 9851107965

Email : [email protected]

Nepal Buddhist Council took initiation to open Sugat Bouddha Mahavidyalaya in Lalitpur to conduct MA programme in Buddhist Studies (Mahayana Stream). It was formally inaugurated on 11 Aug. 2012 The college located in Ibabahi, Lalitpur, is running from a traditional Buddhist monastery named Rajkirti Mahavihar, one of the famous Buddhist monasteries basically from vihar architectural point of view.

The Program of Mahayam Buddhim had been launched by LBU first in 2012 This program of Mahayan Buddhism focuses on the Mahāyāna (both Sūtra and Tantra) Buddhist philosophy and Traditional Mahayana Buddhism of Nepalmandala. It also includes Buddhist history, Buddhist Arts, Iconography, Epigraphy, Architecture, Archaeology etc. It lays a special emphasis on in-depth study on Mahayan Sanskrit Buddhist Literature. In addition, it includes the subjects like world religion and its philosophy, Buddhism in East Asia, Buddhist Tourism in Nepal etc. Furthermore, it enhances student’s deeper understanding and offers skills, knowledge, and competency in academic research and practical.

Principal : Mr. Tirtha Ratna Bajracharya

Contact No. : 9803034474 / 015528759

Email : [email protected]

Buddhist college has come into operation in the district. The first ever college of its kind in the district will offer arts and humanities courses in Buddhist philosophy and teachings.  Established by the Bouddha Study and Research Centre Nepal, Jiri,the college also aims at conserving and preserving the Buddha philosophy, religion, arts, culture and literature, and developing historical, religious and cultural tourism.

PGD in Buddhist Studies course has five subjects including Nepali, English and other Buddha philosophy-based subjects.

The Theravada Buddhist Academy affiliated to Lumbini Buddhist University was established in August 18, 2012 (2 Bhadra, 2069) under the auspicious leadership of the most Venerable Dr. Bhikshu Jnanapurnik. It is an independent entity incorporated under the umbrella of the Vishwa Shanti Vihar. Theravada Buddhist Academy is the only institution, which champions in systematic promotion and preservation of Theravada Buddhism, its culture and heritage through education, research and various other activities like workshops, conferences, meditation courses etc. it also works towards creating mutual understanding and cooperation between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism. The 2 year semester system Master Degree in Theravada Buddhism concentrates on the core studies of Theravada Buddhism based on Pali Tripitaka. It also includes basic knowledge of Buddhist history, philosophy and literature. Furthermore, it enhances student’s serious understanding and offers skills, knowledge, and competency in academic research and practical.

Principal : Mr. Mahendra Ratna Shakya

Contact No. : 9841174720 / 01482984

Email : [email protected]

Sowa Rigpa International College is the first institution in Nepal to offer a Bachelor of Sowa Rigpa Medicine (B.S.M) – the Science of Traditional Himalayan & Tibetan Medicine, as an affiliate of Lumbini Buddhist University. Located in the sacred Boudhanath region of Kathmandu, the college will help ensure the continuity of this precious medical heritage through education and research.

The college campus lies a short walk behind the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the holiest places in Kathmandu. The facility includes classrooms, the college library, dorms as well as a medical clinic and pharmacy which provides healthcare services to the local community.

Sowa Rigpa International College
Gokarneshwor Municipality
Arubari Height
Kathmandu, Nepal+977 1-4914082
[email protected]


Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology has two-pronged strategies of academic programs: research & development Currently.

LAST offers M.Sc. in Construction Engineering and Management and Disaster Risk Engineering and Management. The college is planning to run M.Sc. in Rural Infrastructure Engineering from the incoming session.

Er. KR Dahal (PhD)
Campus Chief
Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology