Admission Open in BBBS 2023

The Bachelor’s Degree in Bhot Buddhist Philosophy is offered at Lumbini Buddhist University by the Faculty of Buddhist Studies and addresses candidates who strive to have in-depth study of Buddhism, from the Nepalese roots of all forms of Buddhism, to its wide-ranging manifestations in Bhot Buddhism that has not only preserved the textual, meditative, oral, and scholastic traditions of Nepal for both sutra and tantra, but has also played a central role in the development of Buddhism throughout the Nepal Himalayas, Tibet, Indian Himalayas, Bhutan, Central Asia, and Mongolia.

The BA in Bhot Buddhist Studies is an interdisciplinary Program which draws theoretical concepts from different Bhot Buddhist Traditions and focuses on holistic and integrated methods of practices prevailed in Buddhism. The Program, in fact, focuses on a variety of both theoretical and practical aspects of Bhot Buddhism and its many specializations, integrating the competences of sutra, Shastra, Tantra, different Buddhist hermeneutical and sub-hermeneutical traditions.

Main Goal of the Program The main goal of the program is to allow students to study Bhot Buddhist texts from a wide range of Bhot Language in order to develop their core skills and strategies in reading, writing and communication and to encourage the students in Bhot Buddhist Studies.

Admission Eligibility

  1. Candidates with second division in any Intermediate or equivalent degree (Higher Secondary School) from Gumba Education are eligible to apply for the program. Eligible candidates may apply to Lumbini Buddhist University, by filling in the appropriate online application forms available at . For a successful application and admission in BA Bhot Buddhist Studies program of the University, all the following steps must be met: 1. Duly completed and signed application form;

2. Attested copies of certificates and transcripts/mark- sheets of their Intermediate or equivalent degree (Higher Secondary School) or 12 years studies from Gumba.

3. Submission of all the required documents to the University Student Admission Office. Duration of the course The course shall extend over a period of four years (Semester system). There will be two semesters in a year. In total, BA in Bhot Buddhist Studies consists of eight semesters.’




Admission Form

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    Contact Details:

    1. Dr. Manik Shakya, [Dean]
    [email protected]
    2. Mr. Nir Bahadur Gurung, Campus Chief – +977-9851013320
    [email protected]
    4. Dr. Nyima Sherpa [Coordinator] -+9779843084086
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