Admission Open- Bachelor in Bhot Buddhist Studies

Lumbini Buddhist University invites applicants for admission to the Bachelor in Bhot Buddhist Studies Programs for the 2020 fall session. This program is designed as an intensive full time , four years course spread over eight semester which consist course works, meditation,  seminars, practicum, experiential learning and research project.

***Admission Closed***


Candidates with second division in any Intermediate or equivalent degree (Higher Secondary School) from Gumba Education, 12 years studies from Gumba, are eligible to apply for the program.

Eligible candidates may apply to Lumbini Buddhist University, by filling in the appropriate online application form.

Admission takes place on semester basis and, to be eligible for any program, the applying candidate shall appear for a written Entrance Examination and a Personal Interview. The maximum number of BA-Bhot Buddhist Studies candidates accepted on semester basis is set to 45 students per each class. Acceptance into Lumbini Buddhist University is based upon the Intermediate Degree Certificates scores, the past academic records and Entrance Examination scores.

Duration of the course

The course shall extend over a period of four years (Semester system). There will be two semesters in a year. In total, Bachelor in Bhot Buddhist Studies consists of eight semesters.

Key dates for admission

Enrollment for Distribution and SubmissionJuly 16, 2020 – Sep 9, 2020
Written Entrance ExaminationSep 10
Written Examination ResultSep 11
InterviewSep 12
Final ResultSep 13
EnrollmentSep 13-14
Orientation ProgramSep 15
Class InductionSep 16

Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction, supervision and evaluation in the Bhot Buddhist Studies programs will be Bhot Language as well as English to some extent. Students are required to make presentations, submit assignments and take examinations in Bhot, Nepali and English language.


Students shall have 70% of class attendance in order to appear in each semester exam. For field work and report writing and internships, students must visit the field as prerequisite of the evaluation.

Note: For the fee policy and other detail information regarding Bhot Buddhist Studies, please visit the website of Faculty of Buddhist Studies

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