Exploring Thai Buddhist Collaborations

Recently, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya and the Dean of Buddhist Studies, Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya had an amazing journey to Thailand and explore various Buddhist institutions and organizations.

They signed an MOU with Dhammakaya Open University, a prominent Buddhist institution in Thailand that provides a wide range of courses and programs relating to Buddhist studies, during their visit. This MOU demonstrates our two institutions’ strong commitment to cooperation and exchange, and we look forward to considering future cooperative projects and activities.

Dr. Acharya and Dr. Shakya had the opportunity of attending a ceremony at Dhammakaya Temple, a well-known Buddhist temple in Thailand that draws thousands of people every year, in addition to their visit to Dhammakaya Open University. For the two of them, seeing the breadth and depth of Buddhist tradition and culture in Thailand was a very amazing experience.

Additionally, Drs. Acharya and Shakya paid a visit to the Dhammachai International Research Institute, where they had the chance to see how old Buddhist manuscripts were being digitally scanned. They found this to be an incredibly interesting experience as they discovered the cutting-edge techniques being utilized to promote and preserve Buddhist scriptures and teachings in the modern era.

Dr. Acharya and Dr. Shakya had the opportunity to visit Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), another prominent Buddhist university in Thailand, in addition to Dhammachai International Research Institute. They discussed the potential for combined degree programs and collaborations between our two universities in a good session with the director of the International Buddhist Studies College (IBSC).

Overall, this trip provided our Acting Vice Chancellor/Registrar and Dean of Buddhist Studies with a fantastic opportunity to engage with various Buddhist institutions and groups in Thailand and to explore future partnerships and collaborations. They also had the chance to speak with Ganesh Prasad Dhakal, the Nepali ambassador to Thailand, and discussed the potential for cooperation between Nepal and Thailand.

We are excited about the future possibilities that this trip has opened up for Lumbini Buddhist University, and we look forward to building strong and enduring relationships with our partners in Thailand and beyond.

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