FHSS: Academic Calendar (Spring Semester)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic Calendar (Spring Semester)

Academic Calendar 2078 Falgun to Shrawan 2079 (February –July 2022)

Bachelor’s ProgramsPeriod/Deadline
Bachelor of Arts

Admission Announcement
Mangsir 26 to Magh 01
Application Forms DistributionMangsir 26 to Magh 01
Form CollectionsMagh 09
Entrance Examination——
Entrance Examination Result/interview
Introductory Orientation—-
Registration Forms Collection
Mid-Term Examination=—-
First Semester End Examination—-
 Semester Result
Master’s ProgramsPeriod/Deadline
Master in Museology and Buddhist CollectionsMaster in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites
Admission Announcement
Magh 06 to Falgun 06   
Application Forms DistributionMagh 06 to Falgun 06   
Forms Collection         Falgun 09
Entrance Examination/Interview—-
Entrance Examination Result
Introductory Orientation
Registration Forms Collection
 Mid-Term Examination
First Semester End Examination
 Semester Result—-

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