Interactive Meeting Between Lumbini Buddhist University and Bayoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha

September 02, 2021

Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) and Byoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha (BKBDS) discussed about the present and future prospects of Buddhist studies in university and graduate level in an online interaction program organized on September 01, 2021. The discussion was mostly focused on the enhancing the quality of study and research in the field of Buddhist studies and cooperation between LBU and BKBDS in future in the field of Buddhist study and research. The Vidyadhara Acharya Mahayogi Sridhar Rana Rinpoche, who has established BKBDS, announced that he will provide an outstanding dissertation/thesis award to the graduate students of LBU – one from PhD level and one from master degree level – every year. Each selected student will get a certificate and 3,000 British Pound for their outstanding research work in Buddhist studies.

Prof. Dr. Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya, Vice-Chancellor of LBU introduced major program and strategies of LBU. He also expressed his gratitude to The Vidyadhara Acharya Mahayogi Sridhar Rana Rinpoche and BKBDS for organizing the interaction program and announcement of outstanding dissertation/thesis award. Dr. Tilak Ram Acharya, Registrar of LBU, Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya, Dean of Buddhist Studies, Ukesh Raj Bhuju, Dean of Development Studies and Applied Sciences, Indra Kafle, Acting Exam Controller, Dr. Sanjeev Humagain, Coordinator of Center for International Relations, Nir Badhur Gurung, Campus Chief of Central Campus, Fanindra Kumar Neupane, Former Campus Chief of Central Campus, faculty members and staffs of LBU attended the interaction program.

The Vidyadhara Acharya Mahayogi Sridhar Rana Rinpoche guided the participants that how can we enhance the quality of study and research in the field of Buddhist studies. He emphasized that LBU, located in the birth place of Lord Buddha, need to play a leading role in this issue. Dharmadhara Narayan P. Rijal (Buddha Vajra), a Senior Dharma Teacher, explained the possible areas of cooperation between LBU and BKBDS. Bibek Sharma and Ishor Shrestha, the member of BKBDS also presented their opinion on future prospects of Buddhis studies in Nepal and abroad. Mukunda Bista, Global Sangha President of BKBDS, had moderated the interaction program.

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