Urgent Notice to LBU Students

Lumbini Buddhist University has decided to start online classes in all of its courses and programs that were closed due to COVID-19 outbreak and ongoing lockdown. All LBU students need an official email account issued by LBU and password to enroll in online classes. We ask all of our students in undergraduate and post-graduate programs to immediately contact their Program Coordinator, Campus Chief or Deputy Campus Chief so they can give you information about your official email account and password. Some classes have already started. Others will start soon.
Contact Numbers:
BA Program (Annual and Semester-based): Nir Bahadur Gurung (9851013320)BBBS Program: Nyima Sherpa (9843084086)BTTM Program, Central Campus: Anju Khanal (9849248144)MA in Buddhist Studies, MA in Applied Buddhism, MA in Theravada Buddhism and MA in Mahayana Buddhism: Fanindra Kumar Neupane (9851099357)BALLB and BTTM Butwal Programs: Bal Bahadur Pandey (9857031676)

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